Exploration should be without limitations.

The United Federation of Planets and its long arm of 'science and exploration' starfleet have been for long the beacon of freedom, hope and equality within the quadrants. However all of this comes at a cost found in mountains of laws, regulations and bureaucratic red tape.

Exploration, science, adventure these are not the sole property of starfleet no matter how much they and the Federation like to make us believe it. These are the ideals we all hold high and we all should be allowed to follow within reason. Above all that which is found should not be hidden, it should be shared whether it brings us joy of despair after all these millennia should know that the truth is always the better option and that no secret has ever held forever.

This is why we explore and bring to light those things starfleet and the Federation want to keep hidden from us all. It is why despite our love for almost everything this great unity stands for, we accept that doing what is right and just will brand us as criminals. We do this because we believe in the ideals set long ago which seem to have been lost over time.

We are the essence of what the people of the Federation should be and because of this we have to duck the radar, hide in the shadows and fear for our lives as we bring to light that which is kept in darkness.

We are the crew of the Sienae and we seek those who can help us, provided you can find us.

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» Under construction

Posted on Fri Apr 22nd, 2016 @ 11:05pm by Jun'ko Zane Keita in Sim Announcement

Please note this sim is currently not active as it is still undergoing construction and ensuring all is as it should be.

However if you have interest in the sim use the contact form to let us know and we will inform you once it is all in place. Also if you have feedback or questions use the same form and we will get back to you.