Rules & Guidelines

*The CO/GM supported by the XO has the duty to maintain a proper main story line.

*The sim is 15+ for violence and possible mild sex references, for the more steamy stuff please use a 'fade to black' and leave at that.

*Writers shall do their best to keep the story flowing be it the main mission and/or subplots by updating JPs twice a week minimum.

*Writers shall inform the CO/XO if they have to take a LOA, these can last up to 90 days. (Any leave longer than 90 days, will decided upon an individual basis as it may require story line changes)

*Writers can request a RA (Reduced activity) for a time period up to 90 days, during this time they are only asked to update a JP once a week.

*Writers shall respect other writers and never discriminate or otherwise harm an other writer, doing so will result in a permanent ban from the sim at the very least.

*In any case the verdict of the CO/GM will be final whether is it based on the rules, common sense or otherwise. As always when in doubt or trouble ask or inform the CO/GM to avoid potential issues.