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Commander Controler

Name Controler

Position External

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Origin planet Romulan
Age 48

Physical Appearance

Height 195 cm, ~6'5"
Weight 97.5 kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Very Dark Grey, almost Black
Physical Description Typically looking Romulan, albeit slightly tall. Although they share Vulcan features, they have softened over time. Keeps in good shape, although his heritage has it's advantages in terms of physical strength and endurance due to the Romulans' being a physiological evolution of the Vulcans'.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Unknown by Starfleet
Mother Unknown by Starfleet
Brother(s) Unknown by Starfleet
Sister(s) Unknown by Starfleet
Other Family Unknown by Starfleet

Personality & Traits

General Overview Vrenak left ch'Rihan or Romulus as it's known throughout the Federation at the beginning of the Romulan Civil War. He sought refuge in the Federation after wandering a bit. When he left he was an aspiring young officer in the Romulan Star Navy after graduating the arduous Romulan War College. Although he brought all of his records with him it took a while before he was trusted to get anywhere near Starfleet.

Although most Romulans don't have the extensive telepathic abilities of their Vulcan ancestors, they do have slight remnants of their abilities; Vrenak's abilities are slightly heightened from that of the standard Romulan, but still no where near the level of a Vulcan.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Romulan heritage
+Unique perspective on the galaxy and politics
+Dual training in Romulan and Starfleet tactics
+Speaks 9 languages
+Has advanced knowledge of all Romulan martial arts and hand to hand combat, similar to various Terran martial arts
-Romulan heritage
-Romulan emotions
-Although he's been in the Federation and gone through Starfleet training he still has a tendency to think in Romulan terms...
Ambitions -Advance his career in Starfleet and gain trust with Starfleet and the Federation
-Find a way to end the Romulan Civil War
-Find a way to reach an understanding between the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire
-Find a Terran woman that is understanding and marry her, although he will most likely outlive her and possibly even a second and third Terran wife
Hobbies & Interests -Rhennish (A Romulan spirit more intoxicating than Aylih (Romulan Ale))
-Spreading Romulan cuisine to all he meets, he loves to cook
-Although most show a hint of prejudges towards him he loves to have conversations with all he meets on all number of topics
-He has a particular interest in inter-species mating rituals...


Personal History Born in the province Rrhiol ch'Chulla, also known as the Valley of Chulla, a famous Romulan province known for it's beauty and exquisite climate. He spent the first 20 years of his life there fishing in the Tor'ren River and drinking Ale and Rhennish from the Fareldi Brewery. During his teenage years he was honored to work at the Praetor's Summer Palace, there at the age of 15 he fell in love for the first time with a 17 year old chambermaid...

Around his 20th birthday he began his Serona, the 5 years of military service all Rihanha are required to undergo.

During the 4th year of his Serona he was recommended to attend the Romulan War College by the commanding officer of the Warbird he was serving on. He was accepted and began his 4 year journey, nearly suffering mind alteration and ejection from the program in his 3rd year... Instead near the end of his 4th year he was recomended to attend the Collegium of Ancient Warfare and ended up being there an additional year.

He graduated, with honors, from the War College and began his first 5 year tour of duty in the Romulan Star Navy as an assistant chief engineer aboard a Warbird.

He was decorated twice during his first tour, and promoted once; Following his first tour his was promoted again to the rank of Centurion. He was given more duties and responsibilities upon assuming his next post on another Warbird as Chief Engineer. After 3 years serving as a Centurion he was promoted to Subcommander and took over as Chief of Operations on the same Warbird.

A year later, after being decorated twice for courage, he was promoted to First Officer. After a year of serving as first officer he was given command of an older cruiser which took on many roles out in the Romulan frontier. Eventually he was promoted to Commander and given two more vessels under his command. Under his command the squadron made a name for itself as explorers, conquerors, and as warriors when the time came. As news of their exploits out in the fringes slowly reached Romulus many in the government took interest of him and those under his command who distinguished themselves; Particularly a senator who wanted him for his Senatorial Fleet. It took a while for him to be swayed, but it was a much more profitable venture with far more benefits and opportunities for advancement, and as such he was due to take on command of a warbird squadron before the civil war broke out. However it was not to be as he did not agree with the politics of the senator, and stayed in the Star Navy.

The civil war never sat well with him, he found the idea of killing his own people quite distasteful, so he did his best to keep himself indisposed and his squadron away from the bulk of the fighting; And for the most part he did a good job, save a few minor skirmishes.

6 months after the outbreak of the civil war, he was offered a way out of Romulan space and after little time to consider he took it.

After a month of travel he arrived in Federation it took him awhile to assimilate into Federation culture and gain enough trust to get in contact with Starfleet. He celebrated his 41st birthday undergoing a loyalty test, one which he would remember as a very 'Romulan' test...

Following his loyalty test and going through various tests prove his competence he was given the rank of full Lieutenant and assigned to a new, Starfleet ship.

He quickly excelled through Starfleet expectations and proved he was more than capable; He was give a promotion to Lieutenant Commander a year later and accepted as Chief Engineer of a Galaxy Class starship.

Following 2 years of service he was recommended for promotion to Commander and to be giver the honor of a First Officer's position.