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Lieutenant Commander Sa'Zeal Jacai

Name Sa'Zeal Jacai

Position Second in Command

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Origin planet 1/4 Bajoran, Vulcan, Klingon, Orion
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4
Weight 215
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Sa'Zeal has a well toned body and he is stronger than his appearance suggests. He has distinguished traits regarding his four heritages. He has 3 notches on his nose representing his Bajoran ilk. His skull has a few knots representing his warmblooded brethren. Unlike most male Orions who are bald, he has Red spiked hair. As for his Vulcan side it is more in his character than his physical appearance.


Spouse None as of yet
Children None as of yet
Father Commodore/Ambassador Sanill Jacai (Bajoran, Vulcan hybrid)
Mother High Counsel of the Klingon Empire tlq'IH (Klingon, Orion hybrid)
Brother(s) Ja'Pih
Sister(s) Tu'Kal

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sa'Zeal is quick to react like his father, as he is smart. He often comes off cold, rude, and emotionally detached. He does give more of his time into his work than into his relationships. He believes the fabled rule "Only the Strong Survive." However when it comes to his family, it is the rare occasion he actually will crack a smile.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Strong, Smart, Hard working

Weaknesses: Cold, Stern, too Strict, emotionally detached.
Ambitions To rise in Starfleet and one day become an Admiral.

And eventually retire joining his mother among the High Counsel.
Hobbies & Interests Any and all tactical games, training, studying, working out, painting, running, and is one hell of a chef like his father.


Personal History Sanill and tiq'IH knew their son was going to be a breed all of his know. Sa'Zeal was going to be a child of four heritages all of which are quite different. They decided it'd be best if he knew exactly how each of his ilk were like, because they had seen far too often hybrids alone were torn between two worlds, imagine being torn between four?!

At age six Sa'Zeal was sent off to Bajor where he would learn of his Pagh, architecture, poetry, gardening and the simple things in life. He also picked up on having pride in your work but not to be so prideful that it blinds you. His life on Bajor was one of work, play, and learning. He had learned much and became happy overall with all of his teachings, some to this day he carries with him.

On his eighth birthday his parents had him transported to Vulcan. His time on Vulcan was more rigorous as he was more so tested mentally than spiritually and physically. Science, mathematics, philosophy, and grammar was crammed into his brain day in and day out. All the while he was being taught how to suppress his emotions. Sa'Zeal nearly hated it on Vulcan and he had began to develop a strong dislike for his parents for sending him here, but then one summer his father came to Visit him, and Sanill had showed him it was okay to laugh, smile and the same time even. Though young Sa'Zeal was still confused he had enjoyed his fathers company.

tiq'IH, Sa'Zeal's mother personally escorted her son from Vulcan to Qo'NoS the day before his tenth birthday. There he was going to learn the heart of a warrior. Being a master of psychology, tiq'IH was going to whip her boy into shape along the way. She challenged him every few hours to a duel, of course the boy was no match for his mother. But she had given him what he lacked most, confidence.

A grueling two years of constant combat, drinking, songs, literature, opera, and politics was almost too much for Sa'Zeal to handle at such a young age but given his previous teachings over the last few years Sa'Zeal was able to handle it, just slightly but at least he could, after all he was only a quarter Klingon. But that quarter was more than enough, when he bested one of his fathers arch rivals young boy in a fancy child-like duel. Tradition ran deep in Klingons and tiq'IH was going to make sure her son memorized all of them as well as followed them as coded so long as he was on Kronos.

Now was the year that both his parents feared most, they had to practically sneak their child onto Orion. He was to meet with an escort once he arrived, but the escort was missing, as he was then captured by two large green men, a bag thrown over his head. What seemed like forever, was mere minutes. The thunder roared, as they pulled the boy out of the vehicle their foot steps sounded as if they were clicking on granite, along with the pit-patter of the rain. There he was thrown to his knees, as the bag slid quickly off his head. On a throne like seat sat a; tall, long red-haired, green skinned, tone like goddess that almost anyone would throw themselves at willingly.

"I am your Mistress now boy, you do as I say when I say it. As these two brutes serve me and so many more. I shall enjoy your company Quarter-breed. Now bow before me!" Sa'Zeal could only nearly resist, if only his Vulcan heritage was stronger within him. He did as ordered as his new found, 'Queen' laughed.

Over the next few year Sa'Zeal had only managed to make contact with his parents once, but he told them to not worry about him and to not come and find him, he had a plan and he would be off Orion by the time he was 16.

The Orion Mistress had Sa'Zeal do some dirty, nasty, unforgiving, underhanded, sneaky, deeds. But it didn't bother Sa'Zeal as far as she knew anyways. He was merely playing along, after all thanks to all his diligent training he was intelligent enough to come up with a plan to escape. He began to build contacts, among the Orion people, especially with those who hated his Mistress.

Sa'Zeal would never speak of it, but he had committed the worst crime of all, but it had granted him his escape. A nightmare he never wanted to experience again.

Upon a transport he had arranged, Sa'Zeal had passed out from being up for so long and doing so much to where he had overworked both his body and mind, exhaustion was an understatement. But the transport did not take him where he had paid for it to go. When he awoke he was greeted with just a voice as a light blinded him. The next two years were classified, and he was never to speak of it to anyone no matter what.

At 18 he made it to earth where he was greeted by his parents, they had hugged him as his mother was in sheer tears. But Sa'Zeal remained calm, cool, though he now had a slight edge to him. Whatever had happened to him, made him more stern, direct, almost closer to being half Vulcan and half Romulan. But that was further from the truth. Sanill being as wise as he was never questioned it. tiq'IH though wanted to hold a session with her son but Sanill forbade it because she would be subjective to her findings which wouldn't be beneficial.

The Starfleet Years:

At the Academy: Freshman Year: Sa'Zeal was gazed at rudely but he didn't care. He held his head high, prideful of all his Ilk! Some attempted to bully him time to time, but he was either to cleaver or to strong, and sometimes just to fast. Sa'Zeal made decent grades and his teachers often commented that his head was in another place when they should've been on his studies but he was passing at least.

Sophomore Year: Sa'Zeal started to focus in his classes better, he was better known by now, however he made few to no friends nor did he care too. Life at the academy just seemed to fly by. However, during the winter break, Sa'Zeal disappeared completely off record. Completely untraceable. But he made it back in time to start the new semester. More questions were raised, but none dared to ask him directly. He carried himself too high, more so he was just intimidating.

Junior/Senior Years: Sa'Zeal didn't do much of anything, he went to class. Passed his tests and his courses. He only spoke during class unless his parents reached out to him. He had ever more so, become; cold, harsh, calculating, intimidating, clear, and certain. He would truly make a fine officer one day as some stated.

USS Storm Chaser: Aboard the USS Storm Chaser Sa'Zeal reported to Captain Theodore De'Pierre immediately. Their meeting was brief, Captain Theo's analysis of Sa'Zeal; unfit to be in Starfleet...

...He would soon learn he was wrong. Skirmishes with Romulans ensued as well as other various species, but Sa'Zeal was rarely thrown off and his tactical prowess kept the vessel alive numerous times, but it wasn't without the help of a great pilot, engineer, first officer, and other members. In their off time Sa'Zeal had started to open up to the crew. He began to make friends, accomplices, and relationships. His cold heart started to warm, his smiles became genuine and life was enjoyable for the first time in years for him.
Eight years later the Storm Chaser was to be decommissioned, Captains Theo's final analysis of Sa'Zeal; One of Starfleets finest!

Sa'zeal was promoted to rank of Lieutenant and sent to serve on the USS Murmillo, there he doubled as Second officer as well as the security officer. The boy had finally become a man. He was easier on himself and those he commanded. He listened to his CO and XO as they also often bounced idea's off of one another constantly trying to just figure out what was life really all about.

Sa'Zeal wasn't perfect by any means, but he had finally accepted what he had done at the time. He understood that his rarity of being so mixed of so many different cultures was more of a blessing than a curse as he would've stated when he was but a child. Aboard the USS Murmillo, he constantly challenged himself as well as those around him to do and to be better. Most would say he's a seasoned officer by now, perhaps he was. And like his father, he was going to one day become an Admiral in his own right!

So Sa'Zeal put in a transfer to become the First Officer after serving the Murmillo for four years, it was time he moved up or so he had hoped.