Specifications - Sienae


Designed and build by Keita Industrial Space Flight Systems the Sienae is a one of vessel build under a cloak of secrecy and only those involved in the design, construction and operation have the knowledge of her capabilities. It is rumored that she was hideously expensive due materials and systems used.

Those who know here know exactly where the money was spend as she is build to endure some of the worst conditions. Her hull and structure are made up of an Neutronium alloy capable of resisting extreme force and energy which she can experience on her missions. Large oversized sub light thrusters with both aft and front exhausts can keep her on course in the worst of storms and allows her to go into places few other ships would survive.

She can be operated with a crew as little as 12, though generally the number hovers around 24. Powered not by a standard anti matter reactor but a artificial quantum singularity based on Romulan technology. The ship while not equipped with a cloaking device is very stealthy masking its emissions on all fields in space and subspace she can often sail under the radar with her outputs being cleaned out by most sensor systems as background noise. The closer however she gets the more likely she is detected.


Class Sienae
Role Low profile exploration
Time Between Resupply Capable of cruising for a 1 year, generally restocks every few months or even weeks
Construction year Laid down 2386, completed 2389, first flight 2390


Length 182m
Width 280m
Height 124m
Decks 3+1 the loft


Minimal crew 12
Recomended Crew 24


Sublight 0.5C
Warp cruise speed Warp 8
Red line Warp 9.975

Weapons & Defensive Systems

Defenses Adaptive shielding system with 12 generators.
Neutronium alloy hull.
Weapon Systems Primary weapon: 1 Dual proton beam cannon located on a rotating mount ventral section of the front hull.

Secondary weapons: 2 High output phasers with 7 emitters each, roughly equal to a type X Starfleet phaser, though slightly more powerful. Located at the wing joins to the hull, limited to small forwards arc.

Tertiary weapons: 2 dual phasers in a rotating mount, 2 emitters each roughly equal to a starfleet type VIII phaser. Located at each wing tip.

Auxiliary Craft

Shuttlebays 1
Shuttles 2 shuttle craft the Kyran and Mira.
Ground units 1 GRAEV (Ground Reconnaissance And Exploration Vehicle.)