Sienae    [ View Specifications » ]
01: Introduction   Introduction to the tour items and some basic points.
02: The hull & structure   The skin and skeleton of the ship on which everything else is constructed.
03: Artificial Quantum Singularity   Every ship needs it's beating hearth and in the case of the Sienae it is an Quantum Singularity.
04: Warp drive   Warp drive, seeing that core needs something to power.
05: Sub light drives   relatively faster or slower than warp drive, just don't think to much about it or your mind will hurt.
06: Cockpit   Where the overpaid button pusher spends his hours doing stuff we don't want to know.
07: Command deck   Oddly vacant a lot of the time.
08: Weapon Systems   Don't get your hopes up, we are not a combat vessel alright.
09: Information Center   Generally more busy than the command deck.